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These songs remind me of singing.

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Though it’s not singing, it’s still music. I found this little guitar a while back in a box at my churches big yard sale. It caught my eye. I almost took it home with me but due to its 2 and a half strings and my innate ability to fail at playing the guitar, it would be quite useless to bring it home. So I ended up just taking a picture of it. I’ve always loved this picture and I’m glad I got to use it to show my inspiration of music in a picture.


You know.. I’ve been thinking a lot about singing today. I watch shows like American Idol and The Voice and hear the most amazing singers get passed up. Well, maybe they aren’t the most amazing, but they sure are good enough to be famous. Then when I think of myself, I know what I hear in my head, and I know what my family tells me, but I think. Am a good enough for something like that? I mean. I’m no Carrie Underwood or Lady Gaga. In fact, if I were to become famous, I’m not even sure what I would sing. It really made me think of when I was in school. I always wanted to be the girl that kept to herself and always was a goody goody with maybe one or two friends that attended the chess club (or the anime club in my case) and then toward the end of my 4 years of high school, I show my graduating year who I really am. A confidant, beautiful, smart girl that can sing! And I would do that by getting all dolled up for the talent show and I would take the prize!! Heh… I love my imagination… Thing is, that never happened. And I’m not sure if it ever would have.

Y’know. Makes me remember a time back when I was in 9th grade. I never wore pants (ok, its not as bad as it sounds! I wear skirts and dresses..perverts..) and I always just threw my hair back into a pony tail as I hid my body beneath my paint covered black jacket and my Naruto headbands (yes, I was a nerd) with some sort of ill fitting, stained and ripped skirt that most of the time, went to my knees with an A-line shape. (very unflattering..) /moving on…. One day, I came into my Algebra class and the assigned seat I had with these three girls. Popular. Attractive. Besties~ . . . if you knew me then, this was FAR too awkward. As I took a seat, they looked at me and said. “Kiki!” yes, that’s what I used to call myself.. *facepalm* such. a. nerd.. anyways.. “Kiki! Why don’t you ever wear pants!? You should come into school tomorrow with pants on and scrunch your hair!” with an array of ‘yeah’s from the other girls, they continued on to say, “If you do that, we can totally make you over for prom. Like, it would be awesome!!” . . .
as I went home, I pulled out and dusted off the only pair of pants that I owned and decided not to wear them. I don’t know what possessed me to not do what they requested but I went to school the next day with scrunched hair and a skirt.
they were actually disappointed in me. I always think back to that day and say.. what if..? sometimes i wish i would have done what they asked. But im ok with how I turned out 6 years later. I know I’m beautiful (even though I wish I could lose some weight), and I’m ok with not being popular or famous when it comes to singing or anything else.

So that’s why today, I decided that I’m going to do some covers. Even if no one watches or enjoys them, I will do them for myself. I’m inspired by music and I love to listen to it and have it seem like it’s like the backtrack of my life. That’s all I need when it comes down to it.

The only thing is.. is instead of doing some covers, I ended up playing my Harvest Moon game (in which I am addicted) and got pretty mad at it, actually! Y’see, you can go into caves and search for rare stones that you can sell for lots and lots of money. So I went there and decided to spelunk~ When in the cave, there are “X”s on the ground where if you step on them, it makes you fall down a few floors, or go up due to a spring rushing out. I was scaling up the inside of a mountain and stood on one of the “X”s on the ground, up came a spring and I was happy (I had hit a few pit falls before that) but now, when I got to the new level, I was stuck in between two unbreakable rocks. The only way out was by restarting the game or making myself lose stamina (if you don’t understand that, there is a stamina bar that goes down slowly as you do things that take up energy and once it’s all gone, you pass out) but you see, the only thing is, I haven’t saved my game in probably three or four days and if you pass out, it makes you go to the next morning and you are exhausted all the next day.
So as I stood in my dilemma, all I could say was…..”I guess I’ll just have to poison myself” almost like some sort of evil genius or something. Luckily I just hit a floor and foraged a bunch of truffles.. So that was kinda annoying.

More on the subject of singing, I played some Rockband, which was fun. I haven’t played in a while. The thing is, I wasn’t the singer, which I usually am. I decided to make my carpal tunnel worse by playing bass. I was online playing with some guy that decided to be the singer. Meh. He was ok, I guess. But here comes that thought in my head of “who am I to judge?” Once again, I have to tell myself that it’s something I enjoy and I shouldn’t let anything take that away.

Man.. I should have worked on those covers.. maybe tomorrow?

What is something you are passionate about?

Fearing the Worst

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So I have the strangest fears.. one of which is the fear of drowning. A while back, I was at the pool with the kids I watch at work and the 8 year old grabbed ahold of me in the deep end of the pool. For those who know me, it’s not a good idea to touch me when I can’t touch the ground in a pool… I begin to flail and slowly sink to the bottom of the pool, tugging, scratching, and grabbing whatever I can. (I know. I’m strange.) But I kept calm and clung tight to the edge from then on.

Another fear is teeth. After the fateful day at the dentists when they pulled three of my baby teeth, I haven’t liked them and they wig me out. Especially loose ones, which is exactly what Skylyn (the oldest child that I watch) had one night. Thing is, I’m ok with knowing but she INSISTED on showing me every way it moved and wiggled. Oooooh yes. You’ve got it right, I WAS freaking out inside. But once again, I kept cool on the outside and just replied with “yeah”s and “looks like it’s almost ready to come out”s. But you see, she didn’t just stop there. She then continued on to explain her plan to get it out with tweezers. I almost vomited on the poor child’s face…. I asked if she had tried yet, hoping she hadn’t.. and she asked if I could help her. on the outside I replied, “no. If you can’t get it, then that means it’s not ready yet, So keep wiggling it and it will fall out on its own.” but on the inside… it was probably something more like…
“NO WAY AM I STICKING MY FINGERS IN A CHILDS MOUTH!!” my mind kept imagining the way it would feel as I pulled it out, the possible screams from a child with a tooth that was just wasn’t ready to come out, and the slimy, pinkish residue that would cover the part of a tooth that should never be seen.. OOGB’QNERKJBGLNAJDBGN

I’m going to stop talking about it….

My last fear is the fear of roaches. Everyone hates them, they are nasty, probably slimy, furry, light, and just thinking about them makes me want to kill myself. Just a few days ago, I was washing the dishes and a roach of some sort crawled out from under the mound and, I kid you not, he tried to kill me! I’m pretty sure I saw a bandana on his head and he was holding a shiv.. I’m not sure how long he had been down there and I don’t want to know if there were more so I quickly turned the water to its fantastically convenient “boiling hot” level and sprayed for about 5 minutes while screaming DIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!

What are your fears?

Cleanin out m’ closet. (yo)

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Ok, can I first start off with a complaint about a TV show?
If you have ever seen the show The Voice, then you might be familiar with how the show The Choice works. its a show where 4 famous bachelors sit in chairs, facing away from a stage where girls have 30 second to impress them with only thier voice. The thing is, I wish that it would be more real. For the fans of the voice, you know how amazing it is because it doesnt matter what you look like, only on your talent. there are people tattooed, pierced, bald, out of shape, and none of it matters. but with the Choice, all of the girls are…well.. skimpy. Sorry for my choice of word but i dont find it easy to call a girl hot when most of the time, I don’t agree with the american defintion of “hot”. What I wish is that real girls, with REAL personalities come on the show and try and impress the 4 bachelors, maybe it might make the show a bit more interesting. I’m not saying it isn’t entertaining, but still. Us big girls already have ahard time battling how the media displays how we should look, and this would have been an awesome opportunity to get back in the game~
Before I move on, i have one more request for the show. Maybe one day, during one of the shows, they should bring in 4 famouse bacheloretts! i think that would be just as fun and ould mx it up a little.

Anyways, i guess i should move on to my day.. I cleaned my room~ (that pic up there is it in all its glory) It’s something that takes all day, so I usually hate doing it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my room clean, I’m just not one that puts things away. If I use something, I want it out and ready for a second use~ and just so you know, I. Use. Everything! My cloths, the drawing stuff, my costumes, 6 shoes and none with thier matching pair… ok so I think you get the point. my room is a mess most of the time.

The thing is, my mom has always told me that your room is a good way to see how a person deals with thier problems. With me, my room is almost always a mess and if anyone points it out, I respond with something like “oooh, it’s no messy, it’s really just clothing and pillows.” Also, when I clean my room, I get deep into everything, starting at one end of the room and moving all the way over to the other, getting in every drawer, every corner, under my bed, in my closet, everything. As far as how I deal with my problems, it means that I’m quite outwardly distraught most of the time and if people ask if something is wrong with me, I will reply with something along the lines of “no, its just something small, it’s not as bad as it seems.” And when im fixing my problems, I like to dig deep and make sure I fix everything.
I’ve dont this comparison with everyone I know and it has proven to be true! its really cool.

I’m always hearing people complain about thier problems when really, it’s not that big of a deal, and when those same people hear about my problems, they ask how I do it. I guess what I’m trying to say is.. Take a good look at yourself, and then look at your room, and now.. Clean it! nothing makes you feel bedder than a good mood, maybe a clean room will help~

whats your room like? (comment your answers~)

goodnight everyone!


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Hello people of WordPress!
My name is Kaleigh, Venavmo, Cake, anything you would like. I’ll start with an introduction.

I’m not a very experienced blogger but I thought, ‘this cant be too hard!‘ so I’m going to give it a try!
So, about me. I am 19 years old, turning 20 in august and I love art and music of any kind. I just love inspiring people and being able to be the reason for emotion. Hopefully, I will be able to get a blog a day up since I usually sit on my computer for a couple hours before I get tired at night doing nothing. Yay! now I’ll have something to do! My blogs will be things that inspire me, how my day was, a cirtain thought i had, and also often how i see things going down inside of my mind (even if its not how it happens in front of me), and pretty much anything that I can think of writing, really.

Kaleigh is birthname but my family and close friends all call me Cake, hence that being what my blog is titled. Now, Venavmo is a new one. One thing I absolutely love is fireflies. Venavmo is “Firefly” in al Bhed (a language from a really good game) and I loved the way it sounded so I decided to use it~

I guess this will be my shortest entry since I’m HORRIBLE at introductions. I really hope I catch on quickly and you guys enjoy reading my Blogs ❤